Selected artwork, performance, curation

After the Referendum, Camden People's Theatre, London, September 2016. Performed, written and devised in collaboration with Hari Marini. Commissioned by CPT, European Theatre Research Network, Inside/Outside Europe Research Network and Bikbeck Centre for Contemporary Theatre. With written responses by Alexandra Baybutt, Madeleine Botet De Lacaze, Gale Burns, Sarahleigh Castelyn, Alec Finlay, Joao Florencio, Jen Harvie, Claire MacDonald, Mary Mazzilli, Lara Pawson, Saradha Soobrayen, Myrto Tsilimpounidi, Fin Walker
A roving participatory poetry performance in outdoor public spaces in Athens, at Beton7 performance space and live broadcast on Beton7Art Radio. In collaboration with Hari Marini for V_Ideas,Performances, Beton7 and Performance Biennale: No Future, Green Park 25/05/16 - 03/07/16
Love Letters to a (Post-)Europe
Curator and producer, festival of short works, BIOS, Athens October 2015 with Kate Adams, Demosthenes Agrafiotis, Brian Catling, cris cheek. Robin Deacon, Tim Etchells, Alec Finlay, Matthew Goulish, Guy Harries, Steven C Harvey, Catherine Hoffmann, Wendy Houstoun, Mikhail Karikis, Brian Lobel, Claire MacDonald, Georgios Makkas, Ivana Müller, Mariela Nestora, Kira O’Reilly, Florence Peake, Erica Scourti, Maria Sideri, Anna Sherbany, Jungmin Song, Yoko Tawada
Promises of Lovers
One on one performance, BIOS, Athens, Greece 29/12/14 - 06/01/15 performed in English and Greek with Evangeli Fili
parsed utterance
Sound and video installation, Jubilee Theatre, Roehampton, London, 2014. Selected for group show Interaction, 12th Havana Biennial: Between the Idea and Experience at University of Havana 2015
Minimum Being
Performance lecture, PoP (Potentials of Performance), Performance Matters, The Yard Theatre, London, 26-27 October 2012
Writing the room
Collaborative online writing performance, Athens, London and en route, 08/12/11 -15/12/11
Kinski Jesus Christ Saviour (1971)
Performance re-score with Vassiliki Dimou, Reactivation of Embros Theatre, Athens December 2011
Durational performance with Vassiliki Dimou, Locus Solus, Benaki Museum, Pireos Street Annexe, Athens, 24/09/10 - 10/10/10
Travelling Ideas: An (In-)complete Manifesto
Curator with Gigi Argyropoulou, Performance Matters, Club Row Gallery, London, April 2010
Performer/voice, remote text by Matthew Goulish, 10 Performances, Beyond Text, University of Roehampton, November 2009
Night Shift Drifts: Mis-Tours
In collaboration with Simon Bayly, Charlie Fox and Cecilia Wee, for PSi 15: Misperformance, Zagreb, Croatia, 24-28 June 2009
Story Surgery
One on one participatory performance: Writing Encounters, Space between words, York 2008, Whitstable Biennale, 2008, Intimacy across visceral & digital performance at Goldsmiths, The Albany, LABAN 2007, Candid Arts, London 2007, Toynbee Studios, London 2007. Funded by Arts Council England and Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation
Participatory performance for small groups, Writing Encounters, Space between words, York 2008
Thought Marathon
Performance Intervention, Olympic Dream, Grunts for the Arts, Rational Rec, London July 2008
Sound work on foot, Whistable Biennale: Local, Whitstable June 2008
I can’t find you and you’ve got the things I’d often leave unspoken
Durational performance, People Show, London June 2007
Sound and visual installation in an unoccupied flat, Ickburgh Road, London, May - June 2007. Funded by Arts Council England and Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation
Funeral of Unwanted Things
Installation and text, Toynbee Studios, London during Franko B Group Residency 2007
Farewell Stairwell
Performer, Director: Hannah Bruce, Mall Road, London, supported by Crying Out Loud 2005
Sound and light-based durational installation, St Augustine’s Tower, London 2004. Funded by Arts Council England, Learning Trust and A SPACE
Performance intervention, Barras Chip Shop, NRLA Winter School at Tron theatre, Glasgow 2004
Sound and video work, Centro Cultural Pablo de la Torriente Brau, V International Digital Arts Festival, Havana, Cuba 2003
Five track sound work created via sited-choreography for The Framework Show, Resonance FM, London 2002. Supported by Jerwood Space subsidy
An Imaginary day in the Life
Dance film, Park View Academy, London 2002. Funded by London Arts
24hrs in Green Lanes
Dance film, Northern Exposure Dance Festival, The Bull, London 2001
Untitled I and Untitled II
Performance action and live installation created during residency at Openlook International Dance Festival, St Petersburg, Russia 2001

Residencies and research projects

Performing agency and the poetic witness
PhD in Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies Department, University of Roehampton 2014. Supervised by Professor Adrian Heathfield and Dr Fiona Wilkie
Performance Matters
Associate Researcher on a creative research project exploring the challenges that contemporary performance presents to ideas of cultural value, a collaboration between Goldsmiths, Roehampton and Live Arts Development Agency 2009-2012. Funded by AHRC
Night Shift Drifts: Mis-Tours
Initiated by Simon Bayly in collaboration with Charlie Fox and Cecilia Wee, for Performance Studies International conference 15: Misperformance, Zagreb, Croatia June 2009
An Experiment in Collaboration
Researcher/writer in residence, Jerwood Summer exhibition, Jerwood Space Gallery, London 2008
Space of memory: intimate narratives
Twelve month research and development project in London, Liverpool and Glasgow 2006-2007 Funded by Arts Council England and Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation
Franko B group residency and De-mentoring programme
Artsadmin, London, April 2007 as part of a year long programme
The Snout Belly Bowel in performance practice
Artist residency, Chisenhale Dance Space, Summer 2005
Expo Enez Vaz at Ile de Batz Festival
Ile de Batz, Brittany, France 2004. Invited to create a series of site-located interventions
Dance and digital arts in Havana, Cuba
Five week research residency in Havana including participation in V International Digital Arts festival 2003. Funded by an Arts Council England professional development award
Working from Location: Movement, voice and text
Performance lab residency at Ekaterinburg Contemporary Arts Centre, Urals, Russia, 2001.
Site-generated making and performance
Residency at Openlook International Dance Festival, St. Petersburg, Russia 2001. Funded by Pro-Arte Institute and London Arts GO! Award
Dance Film Residency
Park View Academy, London 2001. Funded by London Arts

Lectures, papers, publications

Personal address and collective witness: short acts of gifting and poetic agency - Love Letters to a (Post-)Europe, Athens 2015
Invited paper, Crisis in Excess: Performing Europe Today, University of Winchester, April 2016
Performing agency beyond global borders: translocal poetics and radical dwelling
Paper, PSi 20 Shanghai, July 2014
"Love Letters to a (Post-)Europe" Longform dialogue/text with Diana Damian Martin
Exeunt magazine, Feature article: Performance (December 2015)
Minimum being: time, labour, value
A series of performative experiments, dialogues, texts including: Performance lecture with Jesse Darling at PoP (Potentials of Performance), Performance Matters event at The Yard Theatre, Performance Space and LADA, London, 26-27 October 2012
Enacting place, walking thoughts, writing rooms
Paper, University of Roehampton London, October 2009
In the liminal space of making: the blog as an analogy of process
An Experiment in Collaboration catalogue and blog, Jerwood Visual Arts Summer Exhibition, Jerwood Space Gallery, London, August 2008
"Cuban dance theatre: The Legacy of Ramiro Guerra"
Dance Theatre Journal, vol 22 issue 2, London 2007
Sensing Space - Place and Memory: conditions of reverie and resonance in the making of artwork
Paper, PaR symposium, University of Chichester 2006
Cultural topographies and a poetics of taste, touch and smell
Paper and workshop presentation, Research Lab, University of Chichester 2005
The Way Ahead: Arts and New Technology
Chair and co-ordinator, The Society for Old and New Media, De Waag and Nes Theaters, Amsterdam 2000. Four day salon with invited creative producers, artists and academics from London and their counterparts in Amsterdam. Supported Agora Adapt project.


PhD "Performing agency and the poetic witness," University of Roehampton (2009-2014)
Drama, Theatre & Performance Department. Supervision: Professor Adrian Heathfield, Dr Fiona Wilkie
ECRC case studentship, Institute of Education, University of London (2001-2002)
Doctoral research in social psychology of learning in arts in education
BA Honours Dance Theatre 2:1 (1993-1996)
LABAN Centre for Movement and Dance, London

Recent training

Making a January day as long as possible, Kira O’Reilly, Chisenhale Dance Space (2012)
Double translations: telling another way to tell, Karen Christopher & Litó Walkey, PSi Cluster Athens (2011)
Registered Yoga Teacher, Yoga Alliance, Registry ID: 52934, RYT 200 (2010 Mexico)
Intersection between writing, performance and drawing, Barbara Campbell, Central Saint Martins (2008)
Gary Stevens Performance Lab, Artsadmin (2008)
The Performance of Intimacy, Sam Rose, LADA DIY 4, Dance4, Nottingham (2007)
Franko B de-mentoring scheme, Artsadmin (2006-2007)