parsed utterance    

"...all that we produce as a body of text, as a composite of signifiers, enters the service of power upon coming into being."(Oguibe)


Eight channel sound and three screen video installation exploring the witness of utterance. Jubilee Theatre, Roehampton, London, January 2014









Sound work encountered via headphones on foot. A collection of anonymous five minute recordings made throughout the UK on the nature of memory, spatial recollection and the home-site.

Whitstable Biennale, Satellite Programme, Beach Hut no. 26, 2nd row, West beach, Whitstable, 30 June 2008

Intimacy across visceral & digital performance at Goldsmiths, The Albany, LABAN, December 2007


Eight channel sound, visual and olfactory installation in an unoccupied flat, witnessed alone by appointment. 64c existed in a liminal space of the individual encountering her (auto-)biography and the literal space of a home site. Part of a trilogy of to emerge from twelve month research and development project: Space of Memory: Intimate Narratives, funded by Arts Council England and Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation.

Ickburgh Road, London 2007



A sound/light-based durational installation, witnessed as an intimate journey alone up to each level of the tower and into each of its rooms. Funded by Arts Council England, Learning Trust and A SPACE

St Augustine's Tower, London 2004



Sound and video work  (5:48)

Centro Cultural Pablo de la Torriente Brau, V International Digital Arts Festival, Havana, CUBA 2003

Surround sound and looped video projection (5:48) exploring residues of sound and movement through the city. The sound track was created using contact microphones recording a choreographed sequence of movement in The Whispering Gallery, St Paul’s Cathedral, London. The video was set to respond to the flucutation in pitch, volume and rhythm of the sound track.

Artery was exhibited as part of a residency, funded by an Arts Council England professional development award.

Conceived/directed by Lisa Alexander
Soundtrack: Lisa Alexander
Camera: Steve Folorunsho
Image manipulation: Simon Hyde