Love Letters to a (Post-)Europe

BIOS exploring urban culture, Athens, 2 -3 October 2015

Curator and producer of a festival of short works that sought to invoke the agency of poetic gifting in response to a rapidly changing Europe. Selected artists working across the mediums of performance, poetry, literature, visual art, sound and video were asked to respond to a provocation with a work of up to fifteen minutes, in any format, to be presented live.

Contributing artists: Kate Adams, Demosthenes Agrafiotis, Brian Catling, cris cheek. Robin Deacon, Tim Etchells, Alec Finlay, Matthew Goulish, Guy Harries, Steven C Harvey, Catherine Hoffmann, Wendy Houstoun, Mikhail Karikis, Brian Lobel, Claire MacDonald, Georgios Makkas, Ivana Müller, Mariela Nestora, Kira O’Reilly, Florence Peake, Erica Scourti, Maria Sideri, Anna Sherbany, Jungmin Song, Yoko Tawada, Nikki Tomlinson.

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Image left: "Where Europe Ends" - Yoko Tawada. Photography: Eftychia Vlachou

Promises of Lovers

One on one performance and binaural sound work exploring the speech act of the promise. Recorded and performed with Evangeli Fili in English and Greek. BIOS exploring urban culture, Athens, Greece 29/12/14 - 06/01/15. Radio interview:

"You are sitting inside a space of some kind. It appears that you are alone...

Promises shape the present with an idea of a future. We all struggle with promises because we are only human, because we have language, a process of communicating with words, but these words represent something that includes much more than words – it includes time and our bodies..." [excerpt]

Minimum Being

A series of experiments and performative dialogues on the subjectivity of work: time, labour, value, including a performance lecture with Jesse Darling for PoP (Potentials of Performance), London, 26-27 October 2012 at The White Building, LADA, Performance Space and The Yard Theatre. Part of Performance Matters.

Image: Christa Holka


Writing the room

A collaborative online writing performance conceived by Lisa Alexander and enacted as she drove from Athens to London, December 8 - 15, 2011. A three-way dialogue emanating out of the place and time each writes, point of departure, point of destination and the space-time in between.

Vassiliki Dimou writing in Athens, Lucy Thane in London and Lisa Alexander en route.



Kinski Jesus Christ Saviour (1971)

A  score based on footage of Kinski's performance at Deutschlandhalle 1971 in the context of European 'crisis' for the Re-activation of Embros Theatre, Athens, December 2011. Devised and performed by Lisa Alexander and Vassiliki Dimou in English and Greek.

Image: Georgios Makkas


Durational performance created for LOCUS SOLUS, BENAKI Museum, Pireos Street Annexe, Athens, 24 Sept – 10 Oct 2010

Devised and performed by Lisa Alexander and Vassiliki Dimou


Image: Steven C Harvey

Travelling Ideas: An (In-)complete Manifesto

Performance Matters Launch, Club Row Gallery, London, April 2010. Durational installation/exhibition. Curator and Producer with Gigi Argyropoulou.

Participating artists: : Ania Bas, Mark Caffrey, Elena Capriolo, Hester Chillingworth, Ismini Chliova-Bitzani, Herve Constant, Maria Conte, Robert Cook, Vassiliki Dimou, Charliei Fox, Giuseppina Francia, Konstantina Georgelou, Ria Hartley, Steven C Harvey, Claire Hind, Simon Hyde, Bettina John, Jaime Leme, Irini Karayannopoulou, Antigoni Katsadima, Rania Kelaiditi, Paul King, Rachel Lois Clapham, Claire MacDonald, Siobhan McCauley, Eleonora Melzi, Jane Munro, Cathy Naden, Tamarin Norwood, Vassilis Noulas, Terry O'Connor, Rossella Placuzzi, Efronsini Protopapa, Alan Read, Philip Stanier, Manolis Tsipos, Paula Van Beek, Stefania Zampatti. MORE


Remote text performance conceived and written by Matthew Goulish
10 Performances, Beyond Text, Roehampton University, 26 November, 2009

"Gratefulness contemplates the ways that time passes, and in passing takes the self or its traces with it. This remote text performance, written for the 10 Performances in 10 sets of 10 lines each gives thanks to and for the other people whose attentions allow us to maintain a sense of ourselves, whose voices sometimes become our own." Matthew Goulish

Image: Christa Holka

Night Shift Drifts: Mis-tours

PSi 15, Zagreb, Croatia, 24-28 June, 2009.

A participatory series of mis-tours exploring Zagreb through a collective process that framed a relationship between tourist and citizen, academic conference, city and artist and the myths, misinformation and clash of cultures that ensue when these different parties collaborate. Participating artist with Simon Bayly, Charlie Fox and Cecilia Wee.

Story Surgery

One on one performance/participatory work on the nature of memory, reprise and intimate exchange enacted at:


WRITING ENCOUNTERS, Space between words, York, 11-13 Sept 2008
WHITSTABLE BIENNALE, Whitstable, 28 June-1 July, 2008
INTIMACY across visceral & digital performance festival at Goldsmiths, The Albany, LABAN, December, 2007
The Banquet Room, Candid Arts, May, 2007
Toynbee Studios, London, March, 2007

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I can’t find you and you’ve got the things I’d often leave unspoken

Three performers enact a dialogue with the audience and katabasis; remembrance and forgetting in the home and in society at large; versions of the truth and the weight of an individual's life, breath, presence, memories, self. People Show, London, June, 2007. Conceived and directed by Lisa Alexander

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 Image: Biggi Stiller                                       


Choreographed 5-track sound work for RESONANCE FM, 2002

A  sound work created choreographically and then transposed/performed in different acoustic spaces using different microphones. Performed and recorded at:

The Whispering Gallery, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Greenwich Foot Tunnel, Clissold Park and The Shakespeare Public House, London. In addition to these four site-specific locations/recordings, a live-mix was created by Patrick McGuinley during an on-air performance in RESONANCE FM’s studio for the Framework show (13/12/02)


Untitled I and Untitled II

Openlook International Dance Festival, St Petersburg, RUSSIA, 2001 Performance/group action in two parts:
I. a durational action at street level
II. a live installation in Kannon Dance House's inner architectural spaces

These works evolved as part of a two week residency exploring site-generated work during the season of the midnight sun and the short White Nights (Beliye Nochi) period in the city.

Artistic director/workshop leader: Lisa Alexander
Video and interactivity: Simon Hyde

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24hrs in Green Lanes

Dance film, video, 4.30 minutes. Northern Exposure Dance Festival, The Bull Arts Centre, London, 2001. Inspired by the 24 hour culture of Turkish and Greek-Cypriot area of Green Lanes, North London, filmed in and around a Turkish café over a 24 hour period. Director/Choreographer: Lisa Alexander.

Cat & Mutton Bridge E5

Dance film, video, 3 x 1:00 minute. Dance on Screen Festival, The Place Theatre and Dance Film Forum, Chisenhale Dance Space, London, 2000.
Three versions of a single-take chase sequence. Direction/Choreography: Lisa Alexander, Dancer: Susan McFadden, Camera: Steve Folorunsho, Editor: Simon Hyde.