Choreographed 5-track sound work for Resonance FM (2002). A sound work created choreographically and then transposed/performed in different acoustic spaces using different microphones. Recorded at The Whispering Gallery (St. Paul’s Cathedral), Greenwich Foot Tunnel, Clissold Park and The Shakespeare Public House, London. In addition to these 4 site-specific locations/recordings, a live-mix was created by Patrick McGinley during an on-air performance in RESONANCE FM’s studio for the Framework show (13/12/02), see:

Conceived and choreographed by Lisa Alexander
Performers: Nicola Herd, Lisa Alexander
Sound recordings and live mix: Patrick McGinley, Whispering Gallery recording: Lisa Alexander
Video image and documentation: Steve Folorunso

Track: The Whispering Gallery, St. Paul's Cathedral recorded with contact microphones

Supported by a Jerwood Space space subsidy