I can’t find you and you’ve got the things I’d often leave unspoken

People Show, London, 11-12 June, 2007
Concept/direction: Lisa Alexander, Live electronics and sound: Rob Canning
Devised with the performers: Rebecca Bogue, Robert Cook and Jane Munro

A devised performance exploring the utterance of memory and autobiographical appropriation through the vocal encounter and weighing of object-memoirs, sonic reverberation and the interplay between live and recorded voice. Texts by Lisa Alexander and the performers in addition to various old diaries, note books and scribblings (our own), transcripts of home interviews, Story surgeries and several short extracts from Life A User’s Manual and Species of Spaces and Other Pieces by Georges Perec.

The event formed part of a research and development project into spaces of memory and intimate narratives of the home, how we take our lares with us - supported by Arts Council England and Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation.

"I just wanted to thank you and your performers again for Tuesday night. It was an evening of incredible beauty, and was very easy to get lost within. Your process, from what I've read about it, looks fascinating, and the accumulation of recorded stories must have helped the performers a great deal in getting into the frame of mind where they were as willing as they were to share their own histories and stories. It never once sank into self-indulgence...there was a lovely haphazardness that hid any rigidity of form that may have hindered the honesty. It was a wonderful experience to witness."

- Tim Jeeves