Travelling Ideas: An (In-)complete Manifesto

Curator with Gigi Argyropoulou
Performance Matters Launch, Club Row Gallery, London, April 2010
Durational installation that performed the printing and exhibition of textual works, videos, images and the performance of actions received in response to a provocation.

An manifesto made up of pre-exisiting manifestos/statements travelled to a number of people who were asked to respond in the moment by 1. selecting and enacting a part of the text in any way and 2. re-editing the manifesto.

Participating artists: : Ania Bas, Mark Caffrey, Elena Capriolo, Hester Chillingworth, Ismini Chliova-Bitzani, Herve Constant, Maria Conte, Robert Cook, Vassiliki Dimou, Charlei Fox, Giuseppina Francia, Konstantina Georgelou, Ria Hartley, Steve Harvey, Claire Hind, Simon Hyde, Bettina John, Jaime Leme, Irini Karayannopoulou, Antigoni Katsadima, Rania Kelaiditi, Paul King, Rachel Lois Clapham, Claire MacDonald, Siobhan McCauley, Eleonora Melzi, Jane Munro, Cathy Naden, Tamarin Norwood, Vasilis Noulas, Terry O'Connor, Rossella Placuzzi, Efronsini Protopapa, Alan Reed, Philip Stanier, Manolis Tsipos, Paula Van Beek, Stefania Zampatti.

Part of Performing Idea, year one of Performance Matters: