Space of Memory: Intimate Narratives

London, Liverpool and Glasgow 2006-7 Funded by Arts Council England and Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation.

A twelve month research and development project on the sensory encountering of memory, the narrativity of place and the home and autobiographical appropriation/generation. Aurality and how the witness of utterance shapes vocal recall evolved as a latter concern.

The project comprised a series of dérive-like wanderings, writings-as-encounter, home visits and interviews, actions, vocal and field recordings. Three dinstinct works emerged: a one on one visceral encounter of past rooms and their associations in Story Surgery. 64c: an installation that exploring the signifiication of the homesite mounted in a vacant flat in East London. A performance at The People Show, London based on the durational vocal encounter and weighing of objects-memoirs: I can’t find you and you’ve got the things I’d often leave unspoken. I collaborated with the composer and sound artist Rob Canning in the final phase of the project.

Franko B group residency and de-mentoring

Artsadmin, London, 2007.

One of seven UK-based artists selected for a year long month 'de-mentoring' programme with Franko B in conjunction with Artsadmin, London. One to one sessions, group meetings, actions, salons and a group residency at Toynbee Studios, Artsadmin, April 2007. Including installation and text: Funeral of unwanted things.

Snout Belly Bowel in performance practice

Chisenhale Dance Space, London, 2005
Artist Residency

desire/love, humour/laughter, pity/grief, anger, energy/vigor, fear/shame, disgust, surprise/wonder (The Rasas)

Making reference to the ancient text of Bharata-Muni’s Natyasastra and Schechner’s performance concept of Rasaesthetics, I led a residency which explored sensory experience and the triggering of memory through taste, aroma and the enteric nervous system as a means with which to approach improvisation and one on one performance. Funded by Chisenhale Dance Space.

Expo Enez Vaz

Ile de Batz Festival, Brittany, France, 2004
One of twelve artists invited to create a series of site-located interventions on the island.

Dance and Digital Arts in Havana, Cuba

Five week professional residency in Havana: interviews and rehearsal observations, including participation as an exhibiting artist in V International Digital Arts with Artery, 2003. An article based on an interview conducted with choreographer Ramiro Guerra, a seminal figure in Cuban dance theatre history, was later published in Dance Theatre Journal (vol 22: issue 2, London, 2007). Funded by an Arts Council England professional development award.

Dance Film Residency

Park View Academy, London, 2002
Five week residency to create a movement-led narrative film with the students using the empty school grounds as inspiration: An Imaginary day in the Life, 10.20 minutes. Funded by London Arts.

Director/ Choreography workshop leader: Lisa Alexander
Camera/ Video workshop leader: Steve Folorunsho
2nd Choreography workshop leader: Jane Munro
Editor and 2nd Camera: Jane Hodge
Runner: Catherine Wilmore

Site-generated making and performance

Openlook International Dance Festival, St Petersburg, RUSSIA, 2001. Funded by Pro-Arte Institute and London Arts GO! Award

Two week residency with professional dancers and students of Kannon Dance House exploring site-generated movement and actions during the season of the midnight sun and the short White Nights (Beliye Nochi) period in the city, effects on behaviour of citizens/audience, interior and exterior encounters. The residency culminated in a two part performance/group action:

I. a durational action at street level
II. a live installation in Kannon Dance House's low lit inner architectural spaces - ending late in the evening
with the audience emerging into afternoon-like sun.

Trip included reporting on new dance practice in the city ten years on from the dissolution of the USSR.

Working from Location: Movement, voice and text

Ekaterinburg Contemporary Arts Centre, Urals, Russia, 2001
Performance lab that explored Ekaterinberg’s small Metro and the local area at each stop as the basis for a studio workshop and score.

Theatre, Dance and New Media networks in the UK and the Netherlands

Part of Agora Adapt project: a co-operation between London, Bologna and Amsterdam. Arts Consultant and Member of Management Committee, 1999-2000, including:

The Way Ahead: Arts and New Technology, 2000
The Society for Old and New Media, De Waag and Nes Theaters, Amsterdam
Chaired and Co-ordinated a four day salon with ten invited creative producers artists and academics working in dance, theatre and digital arts from London and their counterparts in Amsterdam.