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If/Then: Special Edition Programme, The National Poetry Library, Royal Festival Hall 02/09/17

Lisa Alexander and Hari Marini are joined by some of the contributors for this performance/participatory reading: Madeleine Botet De Lacaze, Sarahleigh Castelyn, João Florencio, Mary Mazzilli and Lara Pawson.


A collectively generated and collaborativley written work comprising multiple voices and registers, created just prior to and following the EU referendum of 2016. If/Then explores the terrain of the dilemma and the social imaginary drawing on myth, philosophy and autobiography.

The first development of the work was created for After the Referendum at Camden People's Theatre, commissioned by European Theatre Research Network, Inside/Outside Europe Research Network and Birkbeck Centre for Contemporary Theatre (September 2016)

Lisa Alexander and Hari Marini with written responses by: Alexandra Baybutt, Madeleine Botet De Lacaze, Gale Burns, Sarahleigh Castelyn, Alec Finlay, João Florencio, Eirini Kartsaki, Jen Harvie, Claire MacDonald, Mary Mazzilli, Lara Pawson, Saradha Soobrayen, Myrto Tsilimpounidi, Fin Walker. Video: Jana Erbes, Sound: Fabian Scharpf. Photography: Kakia Konstantinaki

I explore this piece and other work in the context of 'performing Europe' in an interview with Alessandra Cianetti for Performing Borders: conversations on live art, borders, Europe here:

multilogue facilitates a roving, participatory poetic experiment that seeks to frame a collective witnessing of moments occurring through varying social constellations and conurbations of Athens in order to transcribe a series of narrativities of the social imaginary. Writing the present through describing a future.

It will take place in different public spaces across Athens: public squares and avenues, Pedion tou Areos, Green Park and other outdoor locations in the city over the weekend of 25-26 June 2016 and:

27 June, 20:00: A gathering and radio broadcast at Beton7, V_Ideas, Performances 2016
27 June – 3 July 2016: Broadcasts on Beton7ArtRadio

multilogue acknowledges the legacy of language events and collaborative writing processes by art movements in the past - reframing these processes with reference to a climate of precarity, the increased colonisation of imagination by neoliberal and global economic processes and effects on social space – in which shared narrativity might enable the agency to imagine together-otherwise.

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